ZipFalcon Resource & Marketing Program (ZRAMP)

ZRAMP for Real Estate Agents is a unique marketing program that generates listing leads for Real Estate Agents.


We will identify, target and farm Listing leads for our ZRAMP participants saving you hours of work.  The homeowner list will receive 10 mailers during the year with a unique message and workflow to capture the lead and send it to you, the agent.


Targeted lead marketing means lowered costs by eliminating homeowners unlikely to sell.  Also you save on printing, mailing and design.  Instead of sending 10s of thousands of mailers to a general zip code, we will find the homeowners most likely to sell reducing marketing costs significantly.


Targeted homeowners are more qualified to list their home resulting in increased response and revenue.  Honing in on the profile of the ideal customer allows us to tailor a unique message on the mailer that drives increased response rates which in turn will result in increased revenues.

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