Contrary to what online marketing Gurus will have you believe; direct mail is alive and well. It’s slowly becoming the new ‘hip’ thing to do again but that is not why you should be excited about it, but because IT WORKS. A study by Direct Marketing Association showed that while email has an average response rate of 0.12%, direct mail campaigns average a response rate of 3.4%.  When used properly it can have a powerful impact on your ROI.


One reason this may be the case is that email campaigns are getting lost in the noise and clutter that your customers are being bombarded with on a constant basis.  Also if done right a beautifully designed and targeted message on a physical object gives the customer a human touch that may be lacking online.  The emotional and physical aspect of direct mail can have a meaningful and memorable impact on your customer or prospect.


A recent article on makes the point above and gives three strategies to have an impactful campaign: (1) Make it different (2) Make it interesting and (3) Give them a reason to respond.  We at ZipFalcon would add a fourth strategy: Use a highly targeted mailing list that consist of your ideal prospects.

If you target the right prospects using highly targeted mailing lists that define an audience based on demographics, interests and household filters (as provided by ZipFalcon) and pair that with a clear trackable call to action you can directly measure new customer acquisition and sales from each mailing campaign.

Another survey from Target Marketing found that direct mail was the marketing method that delivered the highest ROI for Business to Consumer (B2C) companies in customer acquisition and scored highest in customer retention.


We recently ran a direct mail campaign for one of our Non-Profit customers and they generated a whopping 16X return on their investment.  We also helped one of our real-estate customers attract the perfect buyer for a $6 Million property in less than 2 months using Direct Mail.  The same property was listed for sale for over 7 months before the direct mail campaign.  Such is the power of Direct Mail using targeted mailing lists.

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